My Experience with Friendships

Rahul Soshte
2 min readSep 7, 2020


Friends are important because they provide some meaning to our lives. I am a 22 year old and its been a year since I have graduated from college. Much like every major change in life, friendships change too.

Some friends have taken up new jobs, some have started pursuing higher studies. Its wrong to keep expecting the same things from your friends as these major changes happen. It’s no one fault really. Some friendships die too for good during these situations. Its important to be okay with these situations anyhow.

Perfectionism in friendship is wrong. Trying to be perfect where emotions are involved is very wrong I believe. Trying to make a unnatural change is in-fact what it is, not natural. Never pressurise someone to behave in a certain way, unless its a life and death situation or a major mistake. No point in stressing over trifles, you already have enough on your platter. I tried to be perfect once but that was too much stress.

Friends are the ones who provide you with honest criticism. They will actually tell if you are fucking up in your life and make you connected with reality. Its okay to get angry at their criticism sometimes, but more than being angry it is necessary to listen.

Sometimes a friend can say a really hurtful thing. Its important to distance yourself from him and give him time and space so that he realises what he has done. One should never stress about these things. Difficult moments for sure. Accept the good with the bad. Never harbor hatred / resentment. Embrace whatever life serves you and not control these things. Forgiveness is important too.

Its okay if you lose touch completely but one should never lose the sense of belongingness. Friendship is the glue that binds the world. There is this one childhood friend of mine who has been my friend for close to 2 decades. We don’t really call each other but whenever we meet we talk to our heart’s content.

Thanks for reading this and embrace your friends.